About this site

Farming………..”there’s an app for that”

Contrary to what a lot of people think farmers are using smart phones and tablets just as much as any other industry. What there’s not a lot of though is information about apps for farming and how to use smartphones and tablets productively on a farm. There are apps out there but they’re not easy to find (try searching for farming in the app store and see how many games you get!).

At farmingwithapps.com you will be able to see information about any app that’s farm related and read about how farmers are using apps in their operations. We will also provide information about hardware and accessories and generally make it easier to work out how you can use apps in your farming business, large or small.

We have listed the country of origin of apps purely to give an idea of what sorts of units the app is likely to use. They are often worth having a look at even if they are not from your country as many apps are truly global in their application.

If you know of an app that should be listed here, please contact us to let us know, the more apps listed here the better it is for farmers.