Category: Cropping

Platform:  Android, iOS (Apple)


Country of origin: Spain


Cost: Free




Prerequisites: None



CultivAPP is a mobile application developed by Inventia Agrárica SL, designed to help agricultural professionals to effectively manage their farms.

Forget about complicated software and expensive equipment. Thanks to CultivAPP, will, in its own Smartphone or tablet, all the information and resources to manage quickly and efficiently their farms. Everything at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

With CultivAPP can:
– Record all activities carried out on the farm in real time. You can control phytosanitary treatments applied, planting and harvesting, irrigation, application of fertilizers, manage their crops and fields, etc..

– Access a comprehensive database, reliable and fully updated, on plant protection products and fertilizers authorized, may consult recommended doses, safety periods, application recommendations etc..




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– Have a direct communication channel with the different players in the sector, to provide users of the application of the ability to send / receive messages, video or maintain a real-time chat.

– Have an assistant to manage your calendar or daily activities. Through the app are set out key dates for planting, harvesting, security upcoming deadlines, planned visits by technicians, probable cropping dates, etc..

– Check prices for different types of products at origin and destination, which CultivaPP collected and updated daily.

– In addition, CultivAPP provides for technical and agricultural cooperatives linking the application with a web portal, which extends the capabilities of the mobile app.

Improve your professional life thanks to CultivAPP!