Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, PC, Mac


Country of origin: Australia


Cost: Free for up to 10 records per month

Subscriptions also available

Unlimited users, unlimited devices




Prerequisites: iOS 4.3 or higher,

Android 4.0 or higher

AgDNA® is a powerful mobile farming platform for the Agriculture industry.  AgDNA features include farm planning, record keeping, boundary mapping, worked area mapping, live equipment tracking, scouting observations, communication tools, data sharing and more.

All data is synchronized with your free online AgDNA account allowing activity records and setup details to be retrieved from any other AgDNA enabled device or web browser.  The app also operates offline and synchronizes all data automatically when an online connection is available.

AgDNA has also teamed up with major agribusinesses to allow data sharing over the mobile platform.  Their growing network of partners is allowing AgDNA to connect everyone and everything on farm wirelessly so the entire farming operation is at your finger tips.

AgDNA is the complete mobile farming tool and offers the following benefits*:

·       Easily map field boundaries and calculate total field area

·       Pre-plan upcoming season activities and share them with others

·       Use the in built GPS to map machinery movements through the field

·       Track machinery live in real-time to monitor vehicle location, speed, area worked

·       Share in-field scouting observations and images with third parties

·       View yield data, soil surveys, as applied, elevation and more via the partner portal

·       Link others to your account so all activities are saved in one place

AgDNA is the must have farming app allowing users to keep track of all their in-field activities, machinery movements and season progress right from their smartphone, tablet or web browser.


Note: *Some features unavailable on Android.




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