Platform: Web

Country of Origin: USA

Conservis is a company that tailors a web based farm inputs and harvest tracking system to suit individual farms. I have listed the description of their Crop Tracker Harvest app from Google Play however their strength is in customisation and contact with the company would be needed to determine whether they can produce a product that is perfect for your farm.

From Google Play:

Conservis’ CropTracker(TM) Harvest module is a flexible, web-based tool that provides an automated method for you to record your customized harvest processes and web tools to meet the unique requirements of your farm. The system integrates with your existing infrastructure to capture and record the data that you determine you need to secure your harvested crops from the field to the point of delivery.

Benefits: The Harvest module provides unprecedented control over your harvest security, updating critical data on a daily or even real-time basis. Problems are prevented. Issues are identified. Workers are held accountable. Accurate accounting is possible. All of which translates into less time and more accurate information for managing your operations and for your stakeholders: farm managers, bankers, crop insurance agents, and investors. Ultimately, it’s about peace of mind of knowing that all of the crops which you have harvested wind up where you expect them to.

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