Beyond Agronomy Apps

Category: Utilities

Platform: Android and iOS

Country of Origin: Canada

Cost: Seed Calculator $0.99, Tank Mix $1.91, Air Cart Maximiser $4.81.

Steve Laroque is an independent crop advisor from Three Hills Alberta. His company, Beyond Agronomy, as well as providing agronomic advice publishes a crop production and grain advice newsletter and has recently branched into developing apps. So far the Beyond Agronomy stable of apps includes three handy little productivity apps for spraying and seeding.

Seed Calculator works out seeding rates based on germination and mortality percentages. Once you know your seeding rate you can use Air Cart Maximiser to fine tune rates and decide on which products go in which bins to maximise acres per fill for maximum productivity. When spraying, Tank Mix and Rainfast Guide can be used for answering questions about order of filling and herbicide rainfastness.


Air Cart Maximiser



Seed Calculator


Tank Mix and Rainfast Guide