Farm Manager

Platform: iPhone

Country of Origin: Australia

Cost: $17.99

Farm Manager is a farm management app (funny that!) for iphone. It is a fairly basic app in terms of functionality and reporting capabilities however it achieves all the basics in terms of recording most if not all of the information you want to keep around the farm. At its price point, $17.99 it doesn’t need to do much more.

From the app store: Farm manager is an app designed by a farmer for farmers. It allows farmers to record cropping, livestock, and machinery procedures, and access this information with ease. Features include:

* Record full history of crops from when they are sown through to harvested

* Record chemical and fertilizer use, including type, rate, and date applied

* Keep track of livestock, with full details of stock including ear tag numbers, bloodlines, breed, and year born

* Record shearing and crutching dates, plus all drenching, dipping, and jetting details

* Keep track of machinery maintenance, including engine oil and filter changes, transmission oil and filter changes, and hydro oil changes

* Take photos of your Crops, Livestock, Paddocks and Machinery, and link them to your data

This app gives you all the information you need, right in the palm of your hand.