Virtual Farm Manager

Platform: Web app

Country of Origin: USA

Cost: $65/month

Virtual Farm Manager is an Android and iOS app for keeping and managing field records.

Description from itunes:

*VFM announces 15 years of organized field records – guaranteed!*

No matter if you lose your phone, how many computers you go through, the price of corn, or if you set your office on fire.

More than just an app, VFM is a service to farmers.

**$1.00 (first month trial) and $65 per month following.**

VFM Is The First Farmer Owned Agriculture Technology Company

Keep all your field records – be able to view or edit them from your phone or computer anywhere in the world

Simple Coverage logging (Field Mapping) with multiple colors for multiple seed varieties using your phone’s GPS

Synced to the website

All Hired Help can see the same notes

“Sign-In” to keep unwanted users out

Super Easy to Use Interface – No newfangled contraptions

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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