Ag Droid

Category: Mapping

Platform: Android

Country of origin: Australia

Cost: $9.99

This is quite a nifty little app for the price. Ag Droid maps using the GPS of the phone or tablet and can map coverage against a job that can have recorded inputs. A pity there is no manual on the Farmscan web site though because I can not find where it exports jobs and fields to. It exports .kml files (google earth) of jobs and fields.

From Google Play: Manage your farm like never before with the ultimate portable productivity tool for agriculture, farming, forestry and more!

Record multiple fields and jobs, including applied products (fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide etc).

Record and calculate field and job/coverage area based upon field boundary, distance travelled and implement width, with recording start and stop.

GPS area calculation works for both field boundary area, and job coverage area.

Import and export field boundaries, and export job coverage trails, in KML format.

Record field features as marked points with descriptions.

Moving map display allows North-Up or Heads-Up operation.

Works with metric and imperial units.

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