Platform: iPad

Country of Origin: Australia

Cost: A free version (EvoCrop Lite) is available that gives full functionality but is limited to three fields on one farm. The full version of EvoCrop which allows for unlimited fields costs AUS$949.99.

App: EvoCrop is a field operation recording app that is capable of recording all the detail of a farming operation from sowing to harvesting. It is also an incredibly good looking app. A lot of agricultural apps unfortunately look like they have been built by farmers because they have been built by farmers. This app looks like it has been built by a designer and a good one at that. It is very intuitive to use and needs very little instruction before you’re entering fields and operations.

The once off payment pays for the app as well as the ability to back up and syncronise data through Evo Sync. By syncronising data on the same account multiple iPads are able to share the same information. Rustic Evolutions, the company behind EvoCrop own the data servers that Evo Sync uses and have clear policy that data ownership remains with the farmers. EvoCrop works offline and stores information until a data connection is available for syncing.

Data entry for operations uses drop down boxes which retain previous entries so that inputs only need to entered one time. A marketing function is built in to the app that accounts for harvested grain until delivered against a contract.

EvoCrop does not have mapping functionality of any kind.

Evo Crop Screenshots