Category : Utilities

TractorPal keeps inventory and maintenance records for all your agriculture machines and attachments, including your cars and trucks.

Victoria DPI’s app for looking at disease ratings of a range of crops. Also provides photos for identification and the ability to share photos or notes on crops and disease.

The Becker and Underwood Australian Inoculant Calculator does pretty much exactly what it says. It’s a multi platform app that calculates amounts of inoculant required for a range of crops depending on seed rate and area.

Nutrient removal calculators are perfect opportunities for apps. Relatively simple calculations with a database of crops. Knowing the amount of nutrients that a crop has removed or calculating nutrient requirements for a target yield are an essential part of agronomic planning.


I have used GPS on mobile phones for a while now to navigate to parts of fields where I have had trials located. I have always been surprised with the accuracy of phone GPS for this purpose and now there are some apps available to show just how accurate the GPS on your phone or tablet is.