Tractor Tracker

Category: Utilities

Platform: iOS and Android

Country of origin: USA

Cost: $7.99 on iOS, $9.99 on Android



Keeping your equipment properly maintained can help ensure you have a successful growing season by limiting costly downtime. A university study showed properly maintained equipment reduced maintenance costs by 25% over the machine’s life.

Ten categories so you can classify and filter your equipment list to find machines quickly, plus a search feature to locate a specific machine:
1. Harvest
2. Row-Crop Tractor
3. Non Row Crop Tractor
4. Tillage
5. Spraying
6. Planting
7. Semi/Truck
8. Pickup/Car
10. Miscellaneous

Each machine has four tabs in the detail screen:
-Info tab where you can view the
1. Year, Make, and Model
2. Serial Number
3. Filter part numbers and fluid capacities for engine oil, hydraulics, fuel, and air.

-Classify your work into one of three categories, each with its own tab, so you easily view past records by type:

1. Maintain
2. Repair
3. Upgrade





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-Just like your paper records, log entries are date and time stamped and allow you to enter a subject, such as “Oil Change”, and a notes field with any other details you wish to remember. 

-You can set up reminders so you don’t have to remember what each machine needs to have done

-You create a username and password, allowing access to your data on unlimited devices, no matter if they are Android or Apple.

-Put the power of the cloud to work on your farm’s service records. Cloud storage keeps your information synced across devices and recoverable just in case your phone is unusable.