Category: Cropping, Mapping

Platform: iOS

Country of origin:USA and UK

Cost: Free basic service. Premium features still in development

Website: https://www.harvestyield.com/


Streamline your Farm record keeping process. Automatically record all the work done on your crops and with which machines. Use your iPhone to spend more time on the tractor and less in the office.


Farm Management

Worked is tracked via the phones GPS and once drawn the field is automatically detected. Total cost and hours spent on a crop are summarised after every new job performed.


Save your activites and HarvestYield will automatically calculate the net billing and cost amount for all of your jobs, so you can see your totals as soon as a job is recorded.


Perfect for assurance record keeping requirements, wind readings can be saved directly to a job. HarvestYield supports the WeatherFlow Windmeter device to accurately measure wind speed and direction.

Key features:
-Record all farm work with GPS
-Non GPS recording also available
-Keep records of Pesticide and Fertiliser use
-Auto detection of which field you are working
-Calculation of field area
-Calculation of work cost and billing amount
-Support for offline use
-Supports WeatherFlow Windmeter device for wind speed measurements
-Data backed up securely to the cloud
-Units are customisable to a combination of Metric and Imperial