Field Tracker Pro

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Platform: Web app – works on: Windows, Mac OS X, BlackBerry OS 6+, iOS 3+, Android 3+ and Windows Phone

Country of origin: Canada


      60 day free trial,

$249 USD for 5 users, 20 fields

$479 USD for 20 users, 200 fields



Top App Features

  • Multi-user – Retain control & provide real-time access to your team with the built-in multi-user functionality.
  • No confusing setup – Be up and running in a minute or less!
  • Safe and secure – Your information will never be shared. It’s safe & secure in the cloud even if you happen to lose your device.
  • Easy to use – Quickly and accurately access field details on the spot!
  • No connection? – Offline capability to view previously accessed information.
  • Always the latest version – You will automatically get notified when a new version of the app is available… simply tap “OK” and you’re done.

 App Benefits

  • Cost effective.
  • Safe & secure – every user requires a username and password to access their Field Tracker Pro account.
  • Farmers will never lose their inputted data and never have to run a backup. All data is stored in the cloud.
  • Field Tracker Pro allows the farmer to record seed/fertilizer/spray requirements ahead of time and then have this information at their fingertips in the field when time is of the essence and every tractor and operator is busy.
  • Field Tracker Pro allows farmers to record field activity ‘as it happens’. While the auto steer takes care of driving, the farmer can update his cropping records.
  • Crop scouting observations are easy to record on the spot.
  • Multiple year field data allows the farmer to check field history ‘on the spot’ to assist in making a better decision today.
  • All the field information is at the farmer’s fingertips all the time. No guessing, no going back to the office, no calling home… it’s right there on his/her smartphone or tablet.
  • The economic benefits are straight forward.
  • The social benefits of a farmer coming in late knowing that everything is done-up and recorded cannot be measured but are felt by those closest to him/her.