Farm At Hand

Platform: Android and iOS


Country of origin: Canada


Cost: Free




Prerequisites: None



Built by farmers for farmers, Farm At Hand is your complete farm management app. Farm At Hand is a free, cloud-based farm app that allows you to manage your entire farming operation from seed to sale, anytime, anywhere via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Easy to use and intuitive, this farm app gives you the power to accomplish the following:

Fields – from planting to spraying to observations and harvest, track and schedule all field activities with precision

Storage, Contracts and Deliveries – trace every bushel from the bin to the buyer and all the details in between

Equipment – manage your fleet on the go and follow all equipment details, maintenance logs and part numbers

Safe and Secure – you own and control your farm data. You choose whom to share your data with, the decisions will always be in your hands. We don’t compromise on privacy.

Accessibility – available anytime, anywhere and is synced among all your devices.

Collaboration – share access with your team with permission levels. Know what has been happening with one easy view on the Calendar

Convenience – easily convert all units and measurements without leaving the app. Bushels to Metric Tonnes, Feet to Meters – no problem!




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We’re always adding new features, functionality and integrations to better serve you. Check out for updates or contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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