Platform:  iOS, Android and Web App


Country of origin: Australia


Cost: Not Specified




  • Vendor Module

    Keeps track of people and places you do business with. This module is an important part of the software and is integrated into the inventory & equipment modules. Searching for suppliers is a snap from both or web application and mobile app. Each vendor is added into the system and entered into a category that you define. Once vendors are broken down into categories, searching for them is a snap because all you do is choose a category and those vendors appear.

  • Vendor Mobile

    The Mobile version of the Vendor application is a read-only version of the online app. There isn’t any typing is all point and touch. It’s just as fast to find what you need as using the computer version.

  • Inventory Tool

    Our inventory software is a simple way to keep tabs on all of your supplies. It’s built very similar to the Vendor Module in that everything is broken down into categories that you define. Once categories are defined and items have been entered into the system, you would search by category to find what you’re looking for. Again this is very helpful when using the mobile application. The Inventory Tool will set a location by farm, building and up to 2 location points inside the building. It keeps a running count, reorder point and a full history of anytime inventory has changed for an item.

  • Inventory Mobile

    This is the best part of the Inventory Tool, you’re at the store and not sure what you have on hand… look it up on your cellphone. That easy, just like the Vendor Mobile it’s all point and touch. You have the ability to edit counts on the mobile app.

  • Equipment Manager

    The Equipment Manager is an equipment database to keep detailed records on everything you service. This is one of our most used applications especially for landscape firms using our software.

  • Equipment Manager Mobile

    With the mobile version of the Equipment Manager you can look up equipment, view and create service records. The interface is very similar to the other mobile applications for easy navigation.

  • Calendar

    The calendar is connected to the crop manager and the pesticide tool. It shows crop planting dates, tasks, projected harvest dates, and pesticide application dates. Each item is color coded for easy identification. This application is not available on the mobile app at this time.




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  • Crop Manager

    You define each planting as a separate crop. Enter the minimum and use the crop manager on a limited bases or use it to its full potential. This tool was built with idea that not everybody has the time for data entry. Once a crop is defined you can break tasks down into categories and organize your operation by each crop. The Crop Manager is the most complicated part of the Farm Manager but also the useful in organizing your farm.

  • Crop Manger Mobile

    The Mobile version of the Crop Manger is mostly read-only except of for the ability to close tasks. You can view each crop; navigate to each category and to each task.

  • Pesticide Application Records

    After a one-time ½ hour setup, pesticide records can be added into the system very quickly. Everything is pre-defined: applicators, chemicals, fields and crops. All you do is point and click, enter gallons and you’re done. Store your records and print reports when needed.