What’s new in Farmingwithapps.com?

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Recently this blog changed ownership. Before I briefly tell you about me, let me say that the founder of this site, Richard Heath from Innovate Ag Research in Tamworth did an inspiring job getting this site up and running and gave some tremendous insights into the world of farm apps.

So about me: My name is James McShane, I’m the new owner and curator of Farmingwithapps.com and am excited about the future of this site.

First and foremost I am a farmer, specifically fine merino wool, lamb, beef and timber on 3000 hectares in central Tasmania. I have a wife and two kids and firmly believe I live in the best place on Earth!

James and Kids

Secondly I am an app developer… at least the user interface design and testing side of it, my mate Tim Bendall is the brains behind the app development doing all the coding and database design. So if you look at Farmware on this site you’ll see our work.

My goal with Farmingwithapps.com is to provide a place for farmers to find the app that is right for them by listing as many farming apps as possible and categorising them. Unlike my predecessor I will avoid reviewing them myself and instead only contribute factual information just to remain impartial given that my app is listed here too. I would be happy to consider posting your non-bias reviews on this site however so if anyone wants to get the ball rolling please feel free to email me at info@farmingwithapps.com

I do intend to do a little bit of reviewing on phone handsets and other relevant equipment so watch this space.

For now however, welcome to the next chapter in farmingwithapps.com and stay tuned for a discussion on native apps vs web apps in my next couple of posts.

Hope you like our new logo!