Platform: iOS – iPad and iPhone

Country of origin: USA

Cost:  Per Year subscription (USD)

Soil – $250

Scouting – $600

Advanced – $900

Complete – $1200

Website: http://www.icroptrak.com/index.html

Prerequisites: None



CropTrak Mobile – flexible map centric scouting, sampling, and field data app for any crop type, works disconnected, in multiple languages, and connects to iCropTrak Cloud.

• Growers, Farms, Field, Folders, Layers, and Samples
• Geometry for Fields, Zones, Test Plots, Samples, Tiles, assets, and Drift zones
• Sample and Scout – Zones, Grids, Random, and Directed Points
• InfoPages –Display Data, Color Geometry, and compare multiple zones and fields as excel tables

• User definable icon display
• Drag-n-drop Rapid scouting, sampling, planting, spray, and more
• Drag-n-drop Rapid Action Items (rocks, holes, etc.)



TRACK AND DOCUMENT any farm related variable
• Scouting and Sampling (Soil, Weeds, Pest, Tissue, Yield, and more)
• Sketch on PHOTOS, Field GEOMETRY, and Maps
• Spray and As-applied Reporting
• Irrigation and Applications
• Harvest and Silo Tracking
• GAP/Food Safety
• Farm Plans with budgets and allocations
• Work Orders and Time Tracking for people and equipment

DATA MANAGEMENT – Historical and Current Status.
• Vector Layers: Boundaries, zones, trials, samples, hives, pivots, etc.
• Raster Layers: Imagery, analysis, and maps.
• Scouting Layers: Soil, Weeds, Pests, Yield, and others
• Other Data: Photos, Sketches, Weather, Growing Degree Days, Work orders, Time Cards.
• Manage your data at the Farm, Field, Zone, and feature level

• Colorize the Farm geometry with collected data
• InfoPages to display excel views
• Infield analysis (Min, Max, Ave, Accumulation, and more)
• InfoPage your Growing Degree Days (GDD) by crop or by field
• Web based reporting into open formats; HTML, PDF, RTF, XLS, CSV, EMAIL.
• Host your own excel or report solution by interfacing to our open commercial standards web interface.