Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, PC, Mac

Country of origin: Australia

Cost: Free version on Android

Subscriptions start at $22/month (AUD) for use on 2 devices. Subscribe through website for your free trial.


Prerequisites: None


Farmware is a farm management web application for smartphones, tablets and PCs.  It is not available via the app stores, instead you get a personal website address that all of your devices and farm workers access.  Although it’s a web application, it is still available if you are offline or out of reception range.

Key features are:

–          Activities based recording of livestock, cropping and storage.  Record completed activities or plan future activities.  Over 100 types of activities.

–          Designed for mobile devices first.  The entire apps capabilities are available from the smartphone app (same interface on PC).  All of the farm data can be accessed on the smartphone even if offline.

–          Report on all of the activities performed on a mob, crop or paddock. Search or filter by activity, chemical, operator, equipment etc.

–          Backup to a cloud server and synchronise between devices / computers.


–          Record and view the head count, breed, sex, age and location of all of your livestock.  Each mob can have multiple breeds, ages, sexes and locations as well as being divided into mob divisions (eg. by tag colour or by a draft after weighing).

–        Report on the stocking rate of a particular paddock or the entire farm.  Supported species include (but aren’t limited to) sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, horses, deer & alpacas.

–          Record over 40 different livestock activities covering provisions, health treatment, testing, measurement, breeding, harvesting and trading.


–          Record and view the area, location, crop type and variety of all of your crops.  Each crop can cover all or part of a paddock or paddocks.

–          Record over 40 different crop and paddock activities covering cultivation, harvest, applications, preparation, testing, monitoring, repairs and construction.


–          Maintain storage inventories for chemicals, commodities and fertilizer.

–          Record sales, purchases, transfers and usage of stored items.

–          Record activities for the storage locations such as pest identification and cool store observations.



–          Record diary entries for general farm records.

–          Calendar view of planned and completed farm activities.


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