Why is it so hard to find useful farming apps?

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Have you tried doing a search for Farm Management in either the App Store or Google Play?

Here’s the result from Google Play

farm management google play

And here it is on the app store:

farm management app store

Remember this is the top 6 results returned on exactly the same search (Farm Management) from the two most popular app stores, Google and Apple. We have 10 games, one farm simulator, a marijuana growing app!!! and what I would consider to be one solitary proper farm management app. This pathetic and frustrating search result  gives me a lot of the drive behind getting this website up and going.

I have found that even very specific search terms give wildly varying results even when you are trying to find an app that you know is on there. Generally I find Google Play to be a little more on the mark (I wonder if this has anything to do with Googles more general search origins) while the Apple App Store results can sometimes just be downright bizarre.

Once you find an app that is actually useful, the “customers also bought” section under the Related tab in the app store is a generally a better way to find more apps than searching. Google Play also has a “Users who viewed this also viewed” and “Users who installed this also installed” section which again is much better at pointing you towards good apps once you find the first one.

One of my best sources of new farming apps is believe it or not Twitter! App developers tend to use social media pretty actively and tweet about anything they find useful even if its competition. I believe that I have found more apps through twitter links than through searches of any other kind.

Of course the best way of all of finding great new farming apps is just to keep coming back to this site! Or better still sign up to my Newsletter and you’ll be sure to never miss news about that one app that you’ve been looking for.