Where are the machinery parts apps?

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What would you rather carry around with you, a 1000 page parts book or an iPad? Tablets and to some extent smart phones are perfect devices for storing and displaying huge amounts of information and diagrams about the machinery you operate. Imagine being able to follow a wiring harness by dragging it across a tablet screen until you get to the section you need and then having appropriate parts numbers suggested. Or taking a picture of a broken part and having it recognised by line aquisition and a matching part suggested. Even just scanned pages of traditional parts diagrams available as apps would be useful for a start.

Unfortunately the availability of agricultural parts apps is minimal to say the least. There are some U.S. dealers who have admirable attempts at parts ordering systems, check out Messicks Android, iPhone and iPad apps for whats possible. On the whole though and particularly from the manufacturers side of things there really should be more available. When you consider that a $1000 dollar television these days comes with sophisticated mobile apps dedicated to them why can’t we expect that machines that cost half a million dollars wouldn’t have the same thing (supplied by the manufacturer).