Platform: iPad

Country of Origin: Australia

Cost: App only $109.99

Agworld is an extremely powerful app and web app package. Agworld is designed to be able to perform all farm (cropping) planning, recording and analysis activities. A sophisticated syncing capability has been developed that ensures all information entered into the iPad app is stored when offline and updated as soon as it’s possible.

Information coming to the iPad from Agworlds server is also synced so that is always current. One of the features that Agworld is promoting as a difference to its competitors is the incorporation of grains research and product information into its database which is accessible to subscribers.

One of the trade offs of complex systems is that they are complex by nature and Agworld does not have the most intuitive user interface. Agworld is not alone in this problem though and this may be the price you have to pay to get what is one of the most powerful crop management apps currently on the market.

Cost: The iPad app costs $109.99 and a subscription is also required to Agworld to be able to sync with their databases. Contact Agworld for subscription information.


From itunes:

Agworld is a powerful cloud based data management system for the Agriculture industry featuring farm planning, document management, data capture tools, geo-spatial mapping, an industry information library, communications tools and much more.

Our online / offline iPad application, in conjunction with our cloud hosted web system, is a powerful new way to capture, manage and leverage your Agricultural business data whilst in the field. We have developed from the ground up an Australian first, true cloud synchronised, offline capable iPad application which removes the need for after hours computer work. You can access, record and communicate the information you need while in the field. Unlike competitors who are implementing simple spreadsheets or cut down, online only web pages, we are innovating in the areas of synchronisation and user interface. Use this in conjunction with or instead of our Anoto digital pen platform and you’ll have the best of breed for all of your Ag related data capture, management, communications and compliance requirements.