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While farmers around the world have many things in common one area that most definitely varies a lot is the units of measurement used from country to country. From fully metric to stubbornly imperial to the countries that use a confusing mixture (England and Canada I’m looking at you!). In most cases apps are fairly global in their application and more and more are providing the ability to chose units but at some stage you are going to come across an app that won’t convert units. This is where unit converters come in handy.

One thing there is no shortage of is unit converting apps. I have presented here my top picks for Android and iOS but there are many many more out there. One thing I cannot find though is an app that will convert population measurements e.g. seeds/sq foot to seeds/sq meter. The best way to do this is in a two stage process by using a converter to know how many square feet there are in a square meter then using that conversion factor to multiply the population.

Android Apps: (click on icon to go to Google Play description)

Unit Converter

Unit Converter: Not a big range of units but all you will probably need and a nice simple user interface.


Converter: A nice range of units available for conversion. Uncluttered screen simple to use.

Unit converter pro

Unit Converter Pro: A huge range of units with a simple intuitive interface.


G unit

gUnit: Fancy knowing how many Bee spaces there are in an Arms-length? A bewildering number of units in my personal favourite with a well designed user interface that doesn’t get too confusing given the number of conversion possible.

G unit

Area Conversion: The same app as gUnit but with area units only.

Area Conversion

Area Conversion: A fairly basic app with area conversion units only.

iPhone apps: I tried to keep my list to free apps only however I struggled to find enough free apps for iphone and ipad to make the list. Some of these apps are not free (but are cheap). (Again click on icons to go to itunes description).


Convertible: My favourite of any platform. Want to know how many Monopoly boards you can fit on your farm or how many cockroach lengths it is to town? This app will tell you. Does all the normal conversion too. Cost: $0.99

basic unit converter

Basic Unit Converter: As the name suggests, basic but has everything that you need. Very easy to use. Free.


Convert: Another basic but well designed and easy to use converter with everything you realistically need. Free.

IPad apps:

Convert Units HD

Convert Units Free HD: A nicely designed app with a good range of units. Banner add in middle of the screen a little offputting. Free.

converter touch hd

Converter Touch HD: Very flexible app. Good range of units and intuitive to use. Cost $0.99.

Ad Free Unit Converter

Ad-Free Unit Converter: As the name suggests the main attraction of this free app is the lack of adds. As an added bonus a very easy to use and thorough unit converter.