Nutrient Removal Apps

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Nutrient removal calculators are perfect opportunities for apps. Relatively simple calculations with a database of crops. Knowing the amount of nutrients that a crop has removed or calculating nutrient requirements for a target yield are an essential part of agronomic planning.

 Nutrient Removal from the Mosaic company.

This app is available for android or iPhone/iPad and is basic tool for calculating nutrient removal from  number of crops. Once the crop is selected from an extensive list some preset yields are able to be chosen and then N,P,K,Mg and S removal is shown. Custom yields cannot be entered and metric units are not available. Unfortunately the yield choices are pretty limited (in some cases only 1 available) and for the life of me I couldn’t find how to change to metric units even though on some of the screen shots from Google Play it showed metric units.

Mosaic's Nutrient Removal App

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Fertilizer Removal by Crop by Ag-Phd

The Fertilizer removal app is more functional than Mosaic’s app. A larger range of crops is available and yield targets are inputted rather than selected from a list. A larger range of nutrients is also displayed N,P,K,S,Mg,Ca,Cu,Mn,Zn,B and Fe. A recent upgrade to this app has added metric units so really the only thing missing that I can see is the ability to input desired grain quality as well as yield.


Fertilizer Removal by Ag-Phd

Fertilizer Removal by Ag-Phd