Platform: iOS

Country of origin: Australia

Cost: App is free. Subscription to F-Track live costs $250/year

F-Track is an iOS management app that acts as an electronic notebook for recording everything that happens on the farm. Users of F-Track must subscribe to the F-Track live database which enables syncing of data and the ability for multiple users to access farm information.

Key features are:

•The livestock manager tracks any animal enterprises, recording movements, treatments, events, purchases and sales over multiple properties if necessary. Livestock are tracked as mobs or groups which create a fully traceable history to any paddock, treatment or event that they have incurred over their life on the farm which can be exported to other users on the F-Track system.

•The Crop Manager tracks all farming events, such as spraying, sowing, tillage, spreading, harvesting etc. It records all relevant data specific to these events and provides them in a summary and detailed form to every user.


•Task management feature allows users to allocate tasks between users, generate weekly, monthly, yearly plans and track their completion.

•Paddock Mapping and tracking function enables users to know what paddock they are close to and current paddock histories relating to them.



•Silo Manager records on/off farm grain information, quality, type and location.

•Fuel Inventory feature allows tracking of on farm fuel usage and storage with the ability to allocate to vehicles, and warnings when fuel is low.

•Integrated with U-see remote monitoring systems to view tank monitors, cameras and weather stations.

•Lists current market prices for livestock and grain commodities.

•Fully integrated chemical inventory system to record and track chemical use with every application.

A subscription to to F-Track live costs $249.99 per year.