Why aren’t you using the cloud for contacts?

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I remember when mobile phones first started to become common place one of the wiz bang new things that they enabled was the ability to store phone numbers in the phone itself. Suddenly phone books were so yesterday and we all became so reliant on our phones for phone numbers and addresses. Two problems were created by making all our contacts mobile. 1. Our ability to memorise numbers is failing and 2. more importantly it became a huge drama whenever something happened to our phone and we lost all our contacts!

These days the cloud has given us all the ability to instantly back up all our essential contact information through whatever cloud service you prefer.


I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and was struck by how easy it has become to move my not inconsiderable list of contacts around from device to device. I use Google for email, calender and contacts and when setting up my new phone simply entering one username and password instantly gave me all my contacts, calender dates, photos (from Picasa) and anything else I have linked to that Google account. So, so, easy.

So why then do you still see all too often people who are requesting all their friends to send them phone numbers etc through facebook or twitter because they’ve lost all their contacts? Are they people who don’t trust the security of the cloud or do they just not bother with the small amount of time it takes to set up an account and back everything up?

What’s the next step in contact portability? We’ve moved from printed phonebooks and fixed landlines to wireless communication and contacts stored in the internet. Perhaps it’s back to the future with digital memory augmentation to get us using our brains again 🙂