Production Wise

Platform: Web app

Country of Origin: Australia

Cost: Free for basic functionality, subscription for added services.

Production Wise is a web based paddock record keeping system. Being a web app Production Wise will run on any device that is connected to the internet and run a web browser. All of Production Wise extensive set of record keeping features are free while a premium version adds a set of tools for weather and crop yield forecasting and analysis.

An intuitive user interface allows for mapping of fields and calculation of area using a Google maps interface. Once fields are mapped a proprietary weather model is used to derive weather information on a 1km square grid basis. The information is used in conjunction with automatically obtained satellite biomass data, in the premium version, to feed into crop models to forecast crop yield specific for every field mapped.


All field operations can be recorded with costs allocated and used for the compilation of gross margin reports. Production Wise also has an ability to integrate with advisers or consultants for spray or other recommendations.

Grain can be tracked into on farm storages or bulk handlers and allocated to contracts. The yield forecasting ability allows forecasted grain production to be tracked against any contracts sold.

All in all production wise has a wide range of capabilities at an attractive price (free!) if you don’t want any of the decision support or forecasting tools. To add this functionality a yearly subscription costs $385 with the cost increasing over 5000Ha of mapped area.